Naava 9ct White Gold Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ladies Ring Review

Naava 9ct White Gold Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ladies RingThis Naava 9ct White Gold Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ladies Ring is very polished gold ring with diamond and also ruby rock elegantly crafted in top quality 9 ct white gold for a glossy silver grey tone and also rich shine. All possess appeal, rarity and longevity. Versatile adequate to be worn on a daily basis or just for a special celebration, they are an enhanced way to include a shot of contemporary colour to neutral or traditional looks. Every item is presented in one of the beautiful gift boxes, keeping your jewellery sparkling and prepared to wear.


Naava 9ct White Gold Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ladies Ring is a collection of naturally crafted fine ruby jewelry. Charm, the significance of NAAVA, defines our creations and also values.

Our company believe diamonds make any celebration truly unique. At NAAVA, three generations’ experience integrated to create ruby jewellery that will be cherished by your liked ones for several years to find.

Our collections are qualified by the finest products:

Rubies: The top quality of our rubies is ensured by a certificate of credibility. Our finest collections are GIA as well as EGL accredited.
Steels: NAAVA’s productions are elegantly crafted in the best quality platinum, yellow gold, white gold as well as climbed gold.

Celebrate Love with NAAVA’s Ruby Ring Collections

NAAVA’s jewelry, eternity and also alcoholic drink diamond rings are elegantly crafted in platinum, yellow as well as white gold. Seeking an engagement ring to recommend to a loved one, an infinity ring to symbolise your dedication, or would love to indulge and also buy a fashionable diamond ring, NAAVA has the best pieces to match any occasion. The NAAVA collection also consists of premium ruby ranges accredited by the distinguished GIA and also EGL organizations.

Social Obligation

NAAVA rubies are part of the Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS). This process was developed in 2003 to prevent the commercialisation of ‘problem’ diamonds, more typically called ‘blood’ rubies.

All NAAVA diamonds are sourced from fairly responsible mines making certain that our jewellery could be mapped back to its trusted resource.

Quality control

At NAAVA’s headquarters, our examiners thoroughly check out every component of the jewelry development process to make sure there are no flaws in the product. The process includes checking the marking procedure, loose stones, smoothing, brightening and plating.

Each item is packed with care, consists of a certification of authenticity as well as is present boxed, ready to be presented to a liked one.

Our Steels

Naava 9ct White Gold Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ladies Ring collections are tested to verify the platinum as well as gold is real and also are hallmarked inning accordance with the UK legislation to guarantee the consumer gets the highest possible criteria of high quality.

Hallmarked by the Sheffield Assay Office, the authentication stamp could be seen on the individual item.


A certificate of credibility is included with each item purchased, which is confirmed by a certified gemmologist.

Our deluxe collections make use of GIA or EGL certified diamonds. GIA is among the world’s most prominent ruby grading authorities, supplying a distinct certification for each individual diamond. EGL validates a diamond’s features as well as originality as well as requires a laser engraving directly on the diamond girdle with the certification number.

The 4c’s of Diamonds


Diamonds and also gemstones are weighed in carat weights and points. One carat, 100 factors, equals to 0.2 grams, approximately the ordinary weight of a raindrop.

A ruby cutter will certainly typically eliminate the tiniest quantity of harsh ruby feasible, whilst preserving a quality finish, in order to increase carat weight.


Diamond colour is established by exactly how colourless the stones are. Experts compare diamonds to ‘grasp’ diamonds, dropping within a white, colourless or a light yellow color. The ruby is after that color rated to an accurate value, varying from D– Z, with D being the most colourless and also consequently most useful rock.


Ruby cut explains the reflective top qualities of a diamond and also is the best impact on a ruby’s glimmer. It is identified by just how well the ruby was reduced; a great cuts’ angles and coating will certainly develop its capability to take care of light, sparkle. If a stone is cut also shallow, light leaks from all-time low, if it is reduced too deep light leaves out of the side.

The cut is rated in five levels: Suitable, Excellent, Very Good, Great and Fair/Poor.


Ruby clarity is identified by the additions as well as imperfections. Gemmologists observe 5 clearness classifications within a diamond, with blemishes identifying the clarity grade a rock will certainly come under:

FL or IF – Remarkable.

VVS – Extremely Very A little Consisted of.

VS – Really Slightly Included.

SI – A Little Included.

I – Consisted of.

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  • This ring is elegantly crafted in 9 ct white gold for a rich tone and sparkle
  • Set with natural ruby; the precious gemstone is cut with facets to enhance the colour and enrich its natural beauty
  • Ruby gem, known for its durability and deep red colour, represents love and is traditionally July’s birthstone
  • The Naava collection blends tradition, style and finesse, to deliver high-quality, certified diamond jewellery
  • All Naava products include a certificate of authenticity and are hallmarked according to UK law

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